Lambcast #702 Real Genius MOTM

by Richard Kirkham · September 11, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

Our movie of the Month for September is a Back to School Special for all the really bright Lambs out there. If you are not so bright, you will probably enjoy it as well. The film is “Real Genius” from 1985. It’s one of three films opening within a two week span in 1985 classified as Teen Sci Fi Comedies. Those of us on the show this week, would largely agree that this one wins “Best in Show”. 

Val Kilmer stars as Chris Knight, a senior at a prestigious tech college modeled after Cal Tech. His devil may care attitude may be influencing fifteen year old Freshman Mitch, who has been brought to the University early to assist Professor Jerry Hathaway in completing a high intensity laser project. Hathaway is played by everyone’s favorite 1980s douchebag William Atherton.

Of course college hijinks, especially at a science based technical institution like “Pacific Tech”, takes some interesting forms. Will the pressure break Mitch?, Will Chris manage top graduate? Will their Laser Tech be weaponized? Will the bad guys get a comeuppance? This is a 1980s comedy, so you won’t be too surprised at the answers to those questions, but you will enjoy hearing the film’s Champion, Jeanette Ward, lead a discussion with Rachel Wagner and James Wilson. Not everyone laughed as hard as the others, but everyone was pleased that the film had a sweet heart and less bullying than is typical in an 80s teen film.

Get ready for the tanning party and your descent into the steam tunnels to discover exactly how you can scam a contest from Frito-Lays and get the girl. Jeanette has a great, simple game that you can play along with, and the exit question let’s us talk briefly about some other college based films. There’s a better than 37.5% chance you will love the show.


Jeanette Leads the Discussion   2:57

“Hey is Val Kilmer in This?” The Game   47:50

Exit Question   1:04:17

Plugs   1:10:24

James Blogging By Cinema Light

Rachel Rachels Reviews Hallmarkies

Jeanette J.Ward Adventures (The Mundane Adventures of a Fan Girl)

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