Lambcast #704 GameDay

by Richard Kirkham · September 25, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast, Uncategorized · No Comments

We have always had games as part of the Lambcast, even if every episode did not have a game. We fill in some of those “gameless” shows with an episode that is all games this week. All of the guests on the show this week brought a game to play, and no one knew what anyone else had in mind. Fortunately all of the games are different, they have varying degrees of difficulty, and you can play along with the guests to test your own abilities.

Todd Liebenow takes the reins this week as host while Richard is shark hunting on Broadway, and he never lets a chance to insert a game go by. Even the order of the games is determined by a game.

Dave Anderson of “Free Kittens Movie Guide” tests your knowledge of character actors and their roles in movies. You better be pretty sharp to keep up with this game because some actors are only occasionally characters.

The Vern from “Cinema Recall” leads us in a path to Popcorn style game play, with descending point values with the greater number of clues that you need to guess the answer. Darren Lucas and “Movies 101” provide a formidable version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for you to bash your head Against”, and Roger Wistar of “The Road House Minute” finds a way to promote his new podcast “The One Armed Minute” by featuring a game centered around Harrison Ford.

Todd wraps up the actual games with an IMDB algorithm that will at times confound you and at other times will make you smack yourself on the forehead and say “Of Course”.

Once the games are over though, the game talk still continues with movies that feature games as the exit question of the week. No pontificating about films this week, it is a straight up challenge to you to play along. Resistance is futile, so enter Thunderdome and see if you would have been the one to leave.


The Game Choosing the Game 4:51

Game 1 “The Test of Character” 5:50

Game 2 “Path to Popcorn” 22:00

Game 3 “Six Degrees of Just Kill Me Now” 38:00

Game 4 “The Hybrid Leonard Maltin Game” 54:14

Game 5 “The IMDB Algorithm” 1:06:49

Exit Question 1:24:15

Plugs 1:38:58

Roger Roadhouse Minute

The Vern Rabbit Hole Podcasts Cinema Recall

Darren ABC Film Challenge Movies 101

Dave Free Kittens Movie Guide

Todd Forgotten Filmcast

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