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by Richard Kirkham · October 2, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

This week on the LAMBcast, you can stay in your recliner or lay down on the sofa, because our movies on this show are streaming and no ticket is required. 

Netflix, Prime, Paramount+, Now, Max, Criterion, Hulu, VUDU, you don’t have to look hard to find streaming services, and some of them like Tubi, don’t require a subscription, only your patience with commercials. Nicole Ayers, Tony Coogan and James Wilson join the show to talk about recent Streaming Projects and some of the pluses and minuses of films being delivered on streaming platforms.

James Wilson of Blogging by Cinema Light could not contain himself, he found four films to bring to the show. Okay, they are all short films and they all come from Wes Anderson but still, four. Anderson has made films from four short stories by Roald Dahl and the format for the films sound really intriguing. The cast lists are nothing to sneeze at either.

Nicole Ayers of The MadLab Post found a Steven Soderbergh film that cross pollinates Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” with Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Conversation”, the result is a modern version of one of those 70s paranoia films. Watch out for spoilers because she was not the only one who saw the film and the plot does get dissected.

Speaking of paranoia, how would you like to see yourself trending on X? It all sounds fine unless you are being wrongly accused of an act of terror. Vigilantes decide to seek out a man they believe committed a heinous crime, and they are not planning on congratulating him. Spoiler Alert and Trigger Warning!!! Do not watch this movie while seated next to your Golden Retriever. Tony Coogan’s choice of “Accused” on Netflix in the U.K. comes with commercials on Tubi, and sent the host into a fit of rage, which could result in Second Amendment issues.

Finally, we dig into a new version of the story surrounding Albert DeSalvo, the “Boston Strangler”.

This version focuses on the women who broke the story to the public in an age when women journalists were usually exiled to the lifestyle section. With a few creepy moments and a disturbing theory, the film will leave you a little bit nervous. We also get sidetracked into a chat about justice and the justice system. Gerard Butler and Paul Kersey could probably get a few votes for office after listening to our Lambs.


Opening Questions about Streaming 4:40

James has Four Films 22:25

Kimi has it all over Siri and Alexa 30:00

Social Media Vigilantes “Accused” 48:32

Does the Dog Live 58:50

Boston Strangler (w/o Tony Curtis) 1:03:55

Netflix or NetFiction The Game 1:17:04

Exit Question 1:28:35

Nicole MadLab Post

Tony Coogs Reviews

James Blogging By Cinema Light

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