Lambcast #721 Argylle

by Richard Kirkham · February 5, 2024 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

This week on the Lambcast we are talking about a new film that opened in theaters rather than streaming. Director Matthew Vaughn has been making spy films for a while now. His film “Layer Cake” was where the EON folks found Daniel Craig to play James Bond. It seems he is pitching a new 007 in his latest film, the frequently linked to the Bond Franchise, Henry Cavill. Whether or not Cavill gets a License to Kill, he has been deeply immersed in spy films for some time. In this film, he may or may not be a fictional character who springs from the imagination of a spy novelist.

Bryce Dallas Howard is the woman in distress (or is she?) Elly Conway, working on her latest novel and trying to find a proper ending. From that point on, all bets are off as Vaughn and screenwriter Jason Fuchs, serve up an increasingly complicated tale of intrigue. Some of which may make no sense and all of which defies credulity. The question our guests debate this week is whether that matters.

James Wilson of “Blogging by Cinema Light” has reservations about the violence, Lisa Leaheey from the Rabbit Hole Podcast collective is in favor of cats and train fights, but not so much colored gas and skating. “Hollywood Consumer” Amanda Kirkham on the other hand, is all in on cotton candy gas flavored violence, and Howard Casner from “Pop Art” gives up trying to make the plot work, much less figuring out what the McGuffin is.

Is there a new franchise in the offing, or is it an extension of another franchise, or is it simply dead in the water? We talk about all those ideas this week, be warned, there are spoilers, but that’s because there is a plot twist every 15 to 20 minutes in the film. We give you plenty of warning when the spoiler wall comes down.

We have a few other films to recommend in the Exit Question of the week as well. So download the secret file, flash your retina scan, or drop your cat off with a friend and spend some time with us this week.


General Discussion   2:30

Spoiler Wall Comes Down   25:25

Recommendations   51:45

Exit Question   1:02:00

Plugs   1:14:55

Howard   Pop Art   Deep Blue Sea

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James   Blogging By Cinema Light  

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