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by Dylan · September 27, 2010 · LAMBcast, New Poll · 2 Comments

With every September comes a new NFL season, and with it, hordes of people that obsess over it, and probably just as many that wish it would just go away, as it becomes a part of life that’s difficult to evade (if you were trying to). The intersection of movies and sports isn’t one that I find a ton of people crossing, and on top of that, the LAMB is, of course, an international organization while the NFL is undeniably American, so I was curious as to what percentage of members care about it. My ulterior motive: potentially setting up a LAMBs-only fantasy football league next year. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to put up a bunch of posts about it as that would alienate the majority of members, but it’s good to know anyhow.

The LAMBcast celebrates its first birthday this week: how are we doing? Here’s your chance to anonymously rate us, or anonymously admit to having never listened (how dare you!).

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