PLUG: The Dying Eye

by Shep. Burman · July 29, 2012 · Plugs · 3 Comments

I came across your awesome blog through I have a project that would be GREAT CONTENT for your blog, LAMB.
I’m an independent film director from Austin, Texas.
This October, I’m producing and directing my debut feature film, “The Dying Eye,” a psychothriller set in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m employing local crew and actors for the entire production and shooting around internationally-famous locations such as the Royal Mile.
To learn more about “The Dying Eye,” see:
This film needs donations to happen. Please help me. Spread the campaign on your blog! I’ll give you insider info in the making of the film, free of charge.
There are also great prizes for donators, from special edition DVDs, to tickets to the exclusive world-premier/after-party. Donators can also be a virtual crew member, and help make online decisions in the production, helping choose extras, costumes, and even locations!
Partial proceeds from the film campaign will go to a local Edinburgh children’s charity.
If you would like to know further about my career as a 21 year old filmmaker, I am very happy to answer questions. To see my past film experience, visit my LinkedIn profile:
Only 5% of film directors are women. Please help me change this statistic.
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you!
Shiphrah Meditz
CEO & Founder of Meditz Productions

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  1. Thank you for the post!!! And, keep up the great work with LAMB! It’s a fantastic, very clever film site. Best wishes,


  2. Best of luck, but milking money just because you are a woman is WRONG.

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