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Morons! Donuts! The Litmus Configuration! It’s time for Midnight Run!

For the latest movie of the month Jay was joined by Todd, Richard, Sean and Will to discuss an ultimate so-called guys’ movie, Midnight Run!

Also on tap: Rants and Raves of the Week, a new game, and a near-constant barrage of incredulity at people who haven’t seen classic movies or TV shows.

00:00 Intros
02:52 Midnight Run [spoilers!]
54:24 Rants and Raves
77:57 The Running Time Game
107:41 Plugs

Here’s what some other LAMB members had to say about Midnight Run:
Exploding Helicopter
Exploding Helicopter podcast
Life vs Film
Movie Reviews 101
MovieRob 1, 2
Stuff and That Reviews
That Moment In
To The Escape Hatch

Show notes:
Midnight Run scenes: tthe Litmus Configuration, train car, Jack meets his daughter, chorizo and eggs, helicopter chase and crash, morons on the phone, the airport sceneall the swearing
Planes, Trains and Automobiles swearing scene
The Predator trailer
The Meg trailer
Jurassic World salary “controversy”
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang MOTM Lambcast
400th Spectacular Lambcast

Sean’s Plugs:
The 1001 Movies Podcast
The Classic Horror Cast – The Howling
The Columbo Confab Podcast

Will’s Plugs:
Exploding Helicopter podcast – Game Over, Man, Lasko Death Train
Exploding Helicopter

Richard’s Plugs:
Kirkham A Movie A DayTully

Todd’s Plugs:
Forgotten Films – Forgotten sequels – Smokey and the Bandit Part 3, The Sting II
Forgotten Filmcast – Who Done It?
Walt Sent Me – Brave

Jay’s Plugs:
Life Vs Film – Bullitt, Phantom Thread

LAMB Plugs:
Directors Chair: Jon Favreau
Acting School 101: Annette Bening reminder podcast
Lambscores: Isle of Dogs, Rampage, Truth or Dare
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