Lambcast #610 M*A*S*H M*O*T*H

by Richard Kirkham · November 15, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

Misogynistic, Homophobic, Racist, are all terms that you will hear in today’s show, you will also hear, Funny, Entertaining, and Innovative. Can a film that steps on so many toes really work, especially in today’s more sensitive culture? That is one of the many questions that gets discussed on this week’s Lambcast.

The irreverent 1970 film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, It is the basis of the long running television classic series of the 1970s which starred Alan Alda and runs on broadcast stations regularly, but the film is a very different animal. Set in the Korean War, was it really about Vietnam? Is it in fact an anti-war film? Why is there a football game? This movie is all over the place as were our guests this week.


Robert Altman is an exalted film director but his style and choices come in for some criticism by the MOTM Champion Todd Liebenow, who leads us into an exploration first of Altman’s work and then much more extensively of this film in particular. Todd and Richard were joined by Lisa Leaheey,  Chris Staron, Howard Casner and Nick Rehak in poking at the sexist elements of the film, while still laughing at most of it. We question the racism but argue over it’s context. Oh, and Howard gets in some digs on Elliot Gould. 


Line up like everyone in the ensemble cast for a wild ride through the tumultuous period that the film arrived in theaters, and get ready for some slings and arrows as well as a defense here and there of the choices that were made. By the way, it never comes up in the discussion, but Sylvester Stallone has an uncredited part in the film.  Todd also gave us a great game to play and you will hear Rants/Raves and Reviews that will be peculiar (Why is seat G-16 so important?) and full of conflict (Howard and Richard have distinct tastes on a new film) And to Nick’s Shame, he misses a Muppet Reference, 


Robert Altman Talk   3:30

M*A*S*H Talk   9:45

Lambscores   1:00:30

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:07:30

Doctor/Doctor Game   1:20:45

Nick   Exploding Helicopter  Rehak Radio

Howard   Pop Art

Chris   Popcorn Auteur

Lisa   Between the Scares   The SibList

Todd   Walt Sent Me   Forgotten Films

Richard   KAMAD  Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast   Acting School 101


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