LAMBcast #647 Roll Your Own Top 5 Summer 2022

by Richard Kirkham · August 1, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · 3 Comments

A long time LAMBcast tradition continues this week as we gather together an International cast and have have our guests create their own mini-shows. You are going to get an eclectic mix of movie talk this week with a mixture of films, posters and games all carefully curated for your pleasure.

Howard Casner digs into the origins of classic films to find that they are rooted not only in other books and movies, but often derive from classic myth, literature and Shakespeare. Look for Adam and Eve, Snow White, and Dr. Jekyll to peek into your movie life where you might not expect them to be. You might be tempted to look for your own version of The Odyssey in the latest from Netflix, who knows?

The longest serving LAMB on this show was Jason Soto. He has been a part of the podcast from the earliest days, and he is still supporting our community, this week by sharing some board games that are easy to get into and play with some of your favorite characters from films. Yes Jason, I want to be “MacReady”, Kurt Russell is a man-god. Roll the dice and listen to our show.

Our shepherd in charge of the Director’s Chair Series, Tony Coogan, returns to a project he started on his own blog by sharing with us some great British Cinemas that we should all aspire to visit. He fondly recalls his earliest film experiences at some iconic locations, and he updates the programs that he visited in the last few years. It’s a trip down memory lane with stops at five spots you will want to see.

Dave Anderson from the Free Kittens Movie Guide, demands some respect for an underappreciated director. After you look at the list of films Dave shares, you will wonder why the name of John Frankenheimer is not spoken in the same sentences as Scorsese, Hitchcock and Spielberg. We also figure out a double feature of his films that should give Americans some nightmares.

And finally, Richard shares his wish lists and brag book of some of the greatest art that you can buy for your own walls. Shepard Fairey, Jim Pearsall, Drew Struzan, John Mattos and Roger Kastel may not be names you immediately remember, but when you see a gorgeous movie poster, you will probably be looking at something created by an illustrator of their caliber.

We can’t imagine that these lists would not be sufficient to bring you to the show, but in case you need something else to get you to download, we have Rants/Raves and Reviews as well.


Top 5 Lists

  • Round 1 3:10
  • Round 2 25:15
  • Round 3 43:15
  • Round 4 1:03:17
  • Round 5 1:21:50
  • Honorable Mentions 1:43:10

Rants/Raves/Reviews 1:49:45

Plugs 2:08:15

Howard Pop Art

Dave Free Kittens Movie Guide

Jason Rabbit Hole Podcasts

Tony Coogs Reviews

Forbidden Planet and the Magic in Science Fiction – Summer of Shakespeare

The Nan Movie (REVIEW) | Projector

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