Lambcast #657 Halloween 2018-2022 Lookback

by Richard Kirkham · October 18, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

The Lambcast can’t get enough of horror films in October, and the horror fans seemingly can’t get enough of Halloween Films featuring Michael Myers and Jamie Leigh Curtis. Director David Gordon Green relaunched the franchise in 2018 with the simply repeated title “Halloween”. Covid intervened and “Halloween Kills” took a little longer to get to us than planned, and “Halloween Ends” arrives one year later to wrap up this timeline. 

The Lambcast covered the first film and although it was not widely loved, it was accepted with a degree of respectability. The guests this week seem to find that it may not be age that improves the taste of this film, but rather contrast to the following movies that make the 2018 film look great. Lisa Leaheey, Matt Hudson, Thomas Stoneham-Judge and The Vern were consistent in favoring this film over the two next chapters, so much so that reservations about the first movie seem minor now.

If you are interested in listening to an evisceration of a movie, pay attention to the segment where we discuss “Halloween Kills” a film that got no love from the group and justifies ignoring it on this podcast a year ago.  

You might ask “Who is the shape?” in this third film and it would be a perfectly acceptable question to go along with “What is Michael Myers?”. Unfortunately, we don’t have Drax on the show to ask, “Why is Michael Myers?”, so we ask a different question, “Why is this series still going?” Everybody already knows the answer to that question. The Vern offers an off the wall theory about the character of Allyson while Thomas challenges the physics of the scene from the latest film that Lisa and Richard most liked. Matt frets about “The Exorcist in the hands of this director, and everybody wonders if this script was an amalgam of other stories fitted into a Frankenstein’s monster of a story.

Even Jamie Leigh seems dubious about the stuff that is happening in “Halloween Ends”


Discussion of Earlier Films 4:30

The 2018 Timeline Begins 13:30

Halloween 2018 16:30

Halloween gets Killed 36:40

Halloween Ends (we hope) 52:20

Rants/Raves/Reviews 1:20:10

Lisa Between the Scares

Matt What I Watched Tonight

The Vern Cinema Recall

Thomas For Reel Movie News and Reviews

Richard KAMAD

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