Lambcast #725 The Neon Demon- March MOTM

by Richard Kirkham · March 18, 2024 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · 1 Comment

The Vern’s choice for Movie of the Month was the winner for March, and he hosted the show on 2016’s “The Neon Demon”. Those of you longtime listeners of the Lambcast know that The Vern enjoys a divisive movie conversation, and that’s exactly what we got with this week’s show. Matthew Simpson from the Awesome Friday Podcast, and James Wilson from Blogging by Cinema Light, joined us for an examination of “Drive” Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s last theatrical film.

This slow burn, art-house horror film is beloved by the champion, but there were plenty of dissenting opinions on the show. Is it an updated version of “All About Eve”? Maybe it is a Lynch inspired soap opera. There were plenty of things in the film that are hypnotic to look at, but a car accident can have the same effect. Will you agree with the critics on this week’s show, or will you hope that another Vern Championed movie will make the grade next year.

We also took some time to discuss other films where the subject is fashion or modelling. Some were light-hearted and others were as dark as this movie was. So come on and listen on-line or download the show. Also feel free to share your opinions on the film or the podcast on both the Lamb Facebook page or the Lambcast page. Are you food or ate you sex?


Nicolas Winding Refn 3:46

First Impressions 8:49

Actors 28:50

Spoiler Territory 42:00

Exit Question 1:08:30

Plugs 1:15:00

James Blogging By Cinema Light

Matthew Awesome Friday Portfolio

The Vern Cinema Recall

Richard KAMAD Grindhouse Alley

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