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  • Lambcast #607 Dune (2021)

    by Richard Kirkham · Oct 26, 2021 at 22:53 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release · No Comments
    Lambcast #607  Dune (2021)

    For a lot of people, this was the most anticipated film of last year, which means when it got rolled back to this year, there were a lot of people anxious for it to finally be released. This last weekend, after debuting in other markets around the world, “Dune” found it’s way onto screens in the U.S. and we can finally talk about it.

    Our guests had a variety of backgrounds on the story of Dune, we had people...

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  • Lambcast #606 Cube MOTM

    by Richard Kirkham · Oct 22, 2021 at 19:39 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments
    Lambcast #606 Cube MOTM

    Happy Halloween everyone, it’s that time of the year that our community likes to spend some time exploring horror themes. The October Movie of the Month is a Science Fiction/Horror film that takes a concept used in the “Saw” series and puts it into a sci-fi context. “Cube” is a real puzzle box of a story where the setting literally is a puzzle box. Lisa LeaHeey takes over as host as the champion of the film....

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  • Lambcast #605 No Time to Die

    by Richard Kirkham · Oct 12, 2021 at 22:35 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release · No Comments
    Lambcast #605  No Time to Die

    If you have listened to the podcast any time in the last two years, you will certainly know that “No Time to Die” has been one of the most anxiously awaited films for our podcasting community. In the lead up to the original release, we had prepared and executed a series of Lookback episodes covering the entire franchise. We also had a couple of drafts and there were some MOTM episodes featuring 007 as well. The pandemic threw a...

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  • Lambcast #604 Titane

    by Richard Kirkham · Oct 5, 2021 at 23:00 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release · No Comments
    Lambcast #604   Titane

    Crazy people making movies, that then get discussed by crazy people watching them. Those are the best ways to describe this week’s Lambcast. The Winner of the “Palme d’or” at this year’s Cannes Film Festival arrives on the LAMB with a bang.

    Is it a horror film, a socially conscious feminist take down of convention, a transphobic waste of time, or an artistic bravura achievement? Our...

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  • Lambcast #603 Dear Evan Hansen

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 27, 2021 at 20:55 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release · No Comments
    Lambcast #603  Dear Evan Hansen

    A musical about teen suicide sounds delightful doesn’t it? Probably not, which is one of the many obstacles this film will face when trying to find an audience. In spite of being a Broadway hit, the challenge to making this into a film is considerable. This week, the smallest flock we have had in a year, gathered to figure out why the movie is having trouble reaching the same heights of success that the play did....

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  • Lambcast #602 Cry Macho

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 21, 2021 at 16:58 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release · No Comments
    Lambcast #602  Cry Macho

    Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. Clint is 91. That means he is far older than the members of our podcast this week. So any of you out there, thinking of mocking the old guys on this week’s show, keep in mind that we are still whippersnappers to the Man.

    Collectively, including the star of the movie, we may have the most mature Lambcast ever assembled, but it’s still a good...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Sep 19, 2021 at 22:37 CEST · LAMBcast, Lambpardy, Podcasts · No Comments

    It’s Lambpardy time again, but now it’s all winners!

    The final nine Lambpardy 2021 contenders have been determined, now it’s time to start whittling them down to three! First up are a former Lambpardy winner, Robert Zerbe, versus two first-time winners, Emily Slade and Lisa Leaheey. As everyone’s a winner, the difficulty has ramped up, and the amount of non-game-related chat right along with it, so...

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  • Lambcast #601 Enter the Dragon: MOTM

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 15, 2021 at 20:47 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · 1 Comment
    Lambcast #601 Enter the Dragon: MOTM

    Those Kicks were Fast as Lightning and it was a little bit frightening.

    One of the reasons a novelty song about Kung Fu could become a #1 hit world wide is that Bruce Lee had made martial arts films the hot ticket item of the decade. Although he did not live long enough to see it happen, his movie also also made it to number one around the world on the box office charts. If any of you are only familiar with Bruce Lee from the...

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  • Bonus Lambcast 600 Episode Lookback

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 13, 2021 at 21:27 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, Uncategorized · No Comments
    Bonus Lambcast 600 Episode Lookback

    According to the Spreadsheet that Jay turned over to me when I took over as the host of the Lambcast, the first episode was March 14, 2010. It took me a minute to figure that out because the dates are listed as the English do, Day/Month/Year rather than the more appropriate Month/Day/Year, what do you expect from people who want us to use the metric system? That means that the podcast is over eleven years old and has run continuously all...

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  • Lambcast #600 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 7, 2021 at 18:31 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast · 1 Comment
    Lambcast #600  Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    600 episodes is a milestone worth celebrating, but we really don’t do that this week. Instead, we let the film we are focusing on provide all the fireworks. A new MCU hero is being introduced and there is an origin story to accomplish that. The Universe expands with this entry by allowing an under utilized part of the world to be center stage for the 25th film in the official cannon.

    Whether it is magic,...

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  • Lambcast Episode #599: Candyman (2021)

    by Richard Kirkham · Sep 3, 2021 at 19:21 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments
    Lambcast Episode #599: Candyman (2021)

    Lisa LeaHeey

    Lisa LeaHeey

    Lisa LeaHeey

    Lisa LeaHeey

    If you say her name five times in front of your computer, she will appear as host of this week’s Lambcast. For a second week in a row, Richard is on the road but the good sheep of the community have rounded up a few strays and they wander through the pasture dispensing opinions on what is nominally a horror film.


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  • Lambcast #598 MOTM: The Orphanage

    by Richard Kirkham · Aug 30, 2021 at 21:12 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments
    Lambcast #598  MOTM: The Orphanage

    So the end of August turns out to be a confluence of interesting bumps. Lisa Leaheey champions “the Orphanage” to Movie of the Month Status. Richard is traveling this weekend so he asks Lisa to host the show by herself, since she was going to do most of the hosting anyway. Everything is set until Tropical Storm “Henri” decides to batter the Northeastern U.S. and Lisa is without power or internet connection. Knowing...

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