It’s the end of an era on the Lambcast. Jay has hosted since episode 200, but he’s now heading off for pastures new, and leaving Richard the keys to the Lambcast paddock. In commemoration, he threw himself a leaving party and invited all your favourite Lambcast guests to join in the fun! This show is the longest in Lambcast history, over 4 hours of mostly film-related nonsense and entertainment, enjoy!

Listen to the show here:

00:00 Introductions
05:59 Dylan holds Jay’s exit interview
12:07 Aaron and Jay imagine a live-action Wall-E
17:52 Jeanette and Jay dream up Lego sets
24:22 JD and Jay share their love of Lord of the Rings
31:03 Justin and Jay re-cast Jurassic Park
39:57 Sofia, Getter, Nikhat and Jay draft Cornetto trilogy characters
48:09 Dan and Jay rank the James Bond actors
54:03 Tony and Jay reminisce on their favourite Taskmaster moments
60:05 Rebecca and Jay share their film location stories
65:18 Kai, Heather and Jay do a Milfcast speed-run
75:26 Jason challenges Jay to a round of the Netflix game
82:51 Thomas and Jay celebrate the best films of 2020
89:42 James and Jay list their favourite director cameos
95:36 Lindsay, Jess, Rob, Marc and Nick test Jay on his knowledge of them
118:53 Meg and Jay bemoan accents and praise posters
127:44 Todd and Jay plough through the Police Academy franchise
137:00 Howard quizzes Jay on his Hitchcock
143:00 DJ Jeff Goldblum calls in for a chat
148:34 Zoe scares up Jay’s favourite horror movies
154:44 Bubbawheat challenges Jay with a mini game of Lambpardy
164:07 David serenades the cast with a piano game
171:31 Audrey and Jay air their grievances about the 1001 Movies list
179:00 Robert and Jay debut their oft-threatened side project
185:22 Chris and Jay hand out some blank cheques
190:50 Le Anne is curious about Jay’s viewing habits
200:11 Lackey and Jay sing the praises of their favourite soundtracks
206:14 Cameron and Jay fight over their favourite sport movies
211:46 Amanda and Jay hypothesise on dinosaur versus magical beast battles
217:57 Matthew sets Jay a cornucopia of Simplistic challenges
225:25 Lisa and Jay babble over literary adaptations
232:18 Doug and Jay try to remember 2020’s lesser movies
238:35 Elwood and Jay lament their worst movie experiences
245:01 Nick gets all poetic
250:29 Rob hosts a round of Who Wants to be a Jayzillionaire
264:58 Richard has some notes for Jay
273:57 Jay closes the show with some parting words

Show notes:
Lambcast Episodes: 200, Labyrinth, Solo: A Star Wars Story 1 & 2, Spring Breakers, Species franchise, Hobbit trilogy, Extraction, Onward, Rebecca Remake-a-Palooza, Host, Sorry to Bother You, Taking of Pelham 123, Mean Machine, 2015 Oscars, Guardians of the Galaxy, International Character Draft, Terminator franchise, Back to the Future trilogy, Planet of the Apes franchise, Timecop, Timecrimes, Southland Tales, Big Trouble in Little China, UK Meetups 1 & 2, Goonies, Howard the Duck, The Chipmunk Adventure, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Grand Budapest Hotel, 400th Special
Jurassic Park gate Lego
Newcomers podcast
Bill Bailey on Strictly Come Dancing
Taskmaster rankings (Jay & Tony)
TaskmasterMawaan filling an egg with helium, Liza makes Alex sit on a cake, Joe Wilkinson’s potato throw, Jon Richardson’s Three Blind Mice, Doc Brown’s fish song, Romesh eating a watermelon, Tree Wizard, Richard & Daisy eating watermelon, Mel Giedroyc’s exotic sandwich, Nish Kumar candle task, Nish’s basketball chip, Nish’s weetabix breakdown, Rosalind songs 1 & 2
Locations – Harry Potter Glenfinnan viaduct, Skyfall road, Rocky steps
Director cameos – Wes Craven in Scream, Scorsese cameos, Sam Peckinpah in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Hitchcock cameos
FTS – Scream, Clue, Breakfast Club script reads, Erotically charged movies
Lair of the Unwanted – The Room script read
Posters – Cabin in the Woods, The Thing, Anatomy of a Murder, Funny Games
Trailers – Wild Mountain Thyme, Pixie
Accents – Bad Irish accents
Books – Accidentally Wes Anderson, Akiko Stehrenberger
Police Academy: Citizens on Patrol rap
Lil Nas X’s BTTF music video
Mad Bad Downright Strange Showcase – Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

Dylan Fields – the LAMB
Aaron Neuwirth – Out Now with Aaron & Abe, The Code is Zeek
Jeanette Ward – The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl, Tamarind Tribal Belly Dancing
JD Duran – Insession Film
Justin Gott – Ramblng Ramblers
Getter Trumsi – Mettel Ray, Across the Universe
Nikhat Zahra – Being Norma Jeane, Across the Universe
Sofia Teixeira – Returning Videotapes, Across the Universe
Dan Heaton – Public Transportation Snob
Tony Cogan – Coogs Review
Rebecca Sharp – Almost Ginger
Kai Parker – MILFcast
Heather Baxendale-Walsh – MILFcast, Headertime
Meg Hyland – Meagan’s Movie Alphabet
Jason Soto – Whatever with Jason Soto
Thomas Stoneham-Judge – ForReel Movie News and Reviews
James Wilson – Blogging by Cinema-Light
Lindsay Street – Yes Please Vintage, Also Coffee, Sorry in Advance, French Toast Sunday
Jessica Manzo-Kyte – Sorry in Advance, French Toast Sunday
Marc Armstead – French Toast Sunday
Rob Kyte – French Toast Sunday
Nick Rehak – French Toast Sunday
Todd Liebenow – Forgotten Films, the Forgotten Filmcast, Walt Sent Me
Audrey Fox – 1001 Movies and Beyond
Howard Casner – Rantings and Ravings, Pop Art
Zoe Rose Smith – Zobo with a Shotgun
Bubbawheat – Flights, Tights & Movie Nights
DJ Valentine – Simplistic Reviews
David Brook – Blueprint: Review
Robert Zerbe – To The Escape Hatch, And Movies For All
Chris Staron – The Popcorn Auteur
Le Anne Lindsay – Tinsel & Tine
Daniel Lackey – Lackey on Film, TV Good Sleep Bad
Cameron Kanachki – The Michigan Movie Guy
Amanda Kirkham – Hollywood Consumer, Catching Up
Matthew Stewart – Simplistic Reviews
Lisa Leaheey – The Critical Movie Critics
Doug Jamieson – The Jam Report
Elwood Jones – From the Depths of DVD Hell, TV Good Sleep Bad, Battle Royale Podcast
MovieRob – MovieRob
Richard Kirkham – Kirkham A Movie A Day, Catching Up
Jay Cluitt – Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast, Blackbird review at Blueprint: Review

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